I just need help answering the seven questions below, We need a minimum of hundred words on each question, the

I just need help answering the seven questions below, We need a minimum of hundred words on each question, the

assignment will be submitted on a site that checks if we are using our own words. There is no correct or incorrect answer, but rather YOUR answer, based on YOUR thoughts and understanding of the material/concepts. All the documents and videos are attached to this regarding these questions.

Question #1: Based on your experience, education (including the videos and materials assigned this week), and knowledge, how would you best incorporate the following concepts into your view of how to get the best performance out of an organization: core competency, organization structure, MBO (Management by Objectives).

Question #2: Summarize and expand on Chapter #8 of the textbook (Corporate-Level Strategies), and describe what YOU think about the world of large corporate level strategy. Should firms diversify, and is unrelated diversification as bad as most experts suggest? How important is it for a firm to identify and bolster their core competencies? Do mergers and acquisitions help or hurt employees and customers? Use personal examples/experience to expand on these concepts, if you can.

Question #3: Summarize and expand on Chapter #9 of the textbook (Organizational Design), and the importance of organization structure, a chosen legal form of the organization, and organization control systems. Also rate (good or bad) MBO as a management style, and whether you believe it will lead to improved firm performance (or other benefits).

Question #4: This week there were videos (and readings) covering somewhat disparate topics in business and strategic management. Which of these videos most resonated with you in regards to understanding business and strategic management (and why)?

Question #5: For U-Haul, describe the firm’s competencies. Once you have identified core competencies (in your opinion), what types of diversifications should U-Haul target in today’s market – what kinds of companies should it attempt to acquire (and why)?

Question #6: This is a “connect-the-dot” overarching question. Thus far, you have reviewed nine chapters in the textbook, and summarized the first five of those nine chanters; and you have reviewed seven chapters in the PLAYING-TO-WIN book, and summarized the first six of those seven chanters. Based on your reading and review of these 15 chapters (combining the two books), and your own personal experience/education, synthesize the aforementioned material into an explanation as to the value of Strategic Management in an organization. This is an expansion of what you synthesized in Skill Builder #2 and Skill Builder #3. Basically, you are being asked to demonstrate that you (1) actually reviewed and understand the materials, and (2) are capable of connecting the dots (forming conceptual interconnections into a meaningful and useful model).

Question #7: What kinds of companies should U-Haul be looking to acquire? Why? Should they be trying to diversify? Why? Give examples.

Question 1.Core-competency are specifics of the company that give it a competitive advantage in itsindustry. In order to get the most out of an organization, a company should focus on…

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