Infant mortality rate, health and medicine homework help

Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) data for your hometown for the year you were born and also the current rate. Post this on the discussion board and write 1-2 paragraphs (250 – 300 words) about your findings – include the years, whether or not there have been changes, and what factors you think account for the rates (e.g., if it was high/low at the time of your birth, what factors might account for this; what factors might account for changes over the years since your birth?).

To find the data, you may want to do a Google search for, as an example, 1980 Infant Mortality Rate YourHomeTown (i.e., Tallahassee, Florida). You might have to do some searching – looking for state statistics, health department sites/data, population statistics, etc.

Do not get discouraged with your search – it sometimes requires some extra effort and creative keywords! Use your best investigative skills. Epidemiologists often have to track down information and unearth important facts and pieces to health puzzles. Include in your post how/where you found your information.

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