“Insulin Response Element Binding Protein 1”, chemistry homework help

1)Type out full citation of the article, this time also include the title and authors of the article. (Example of a journal citation: Villafuerte, B.C., “Insulin Response Element Binding Protein 1”, J. Biol. Chem. 2004 Aug. 27;279(35):36650-9.)

2)List, in order of appearance, the sections of your article. (Just the headings, no content needed. These should include; discussion, references, methods, abstract, etc.)

3) List at least 5 topics or keywords contained in your article that we have discussed in class and their definition.

4)Summarize the key conclusions of the research in your article. Be sure to include the main objectives, results and conclusions of the research presented in this article. Then conclude this section with your personal comments/observations about the content of the article (may include your comments about this project). This summary alone should be at least 1 page of type-written content.

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