Interoperability and Collaboration Report


Assessment task:

  1. Analyse a scenario from practice showing evidence of their personal involvement in collaborative working.
  2. Should develop an assignment in Air crash scenarios. (listed below)
  3. You should use any of the material already discussed in this or any previous modules particularly focusing on Emergency Planning, Fire Service Law, and Leadership Management and Command.
  4. You should consider how the services have been directed to work collaboratively;

– Why it is necessary in today’s financial and political climate,

– What you would consider good practice.

– The likely problems and solutions for those problems.

Important Note

This assignment is not designed for you to resolve these operational incidents. It is design to enable you to analyse a scenario either one from your own experience and personal involvement or from the working models below It should examine how collaborative working practices would be used to achieve resolution.If at any time you are unsure of the expectations of the assignment, please contact me immediately

Incident Scenario:

An air crash involving a passenger Jet (250 souls on board) that has crashed on the A45 Coventry road just south of Solihull. 30 properties have been involved and it is thought that at least 20 people are missing from the surrounding area.

You may wish to consider from a collaborative working perspective;

  • Rescue strategy
  • Environmental impact
  • Traffic Issues
  • Business continuity
  • Media

Assessment Criteria:

  • Linking Theory & Practice identify at least 2 academic sources of information.
  • Clear understanding of the need for and execution of a collaborative process to resolve the simulations identified.
  • Well written following a logical path.

*** Words count = 2700 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I’ve uploaded materials that relates to this assignment.

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