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One renewable energy source that has become more accessible to us is solar power for our homes.  Most people spend a lot of time at home and to switch to a solar power system would not only save the customer money, but it would also help produce energy for the power grid.  Many states offer programs that assist consumers in getting low cost solar panels for their home.  Another advantage to have solar power on your home is that you can get a tax write off because of your solar power contribution. The last benefit is that the consumer’s home value will also increase because of the solar panels.  I have had had solar panels on my home for the last 2 years and it has been a great experience for my family and the maintenance is very low.  If the world were to run out of oil if your home had solar panels you would still be able to somewhat maintain a decent lifestyle.

The second renewable energy source is geothermal energy.  Since it basically heats from the earth this source is something that should be around for a while.  Geothermal energies direct use causes no environmental concerns because the water isn’t toxic.  There are 3 types of plants that produce geothermal power which are dry steam, flash steam, and binary cycle (Turk, J., & Bensel, T. 2014).  There is only one dry steam power plant in the United States.  This could be a problem if we can’t duplicate or find another Geyser and the world ended because if we over used it I’m afraid it might dry up.  The flash steam and binary steam are most likely the most reliable sources to date for this method.

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