lab report ASAP (2 PAGES)


Objective, Background, method, result and conclusion (ALL IN PAST TENS )

ANSWER THE Questions.


  a table of the data from the growth experiment  Time in mins count date from each group.  average data  actual dilution (remember the 0.1 ml added to the plate is another 10 fold dilution) Cfu/ml (represent with one digit to the left of the decimal point and two to the right then the exponent) Absorbance at 600nm  Calculated CFU using the Aligent website  GraphTitleY axisX axisE coli Growth CurveAbsorbance (600nm)Time (mins)E. coli Growth CurveLog bacterial numbers (CFU MM/ml) Aligent)TimeE. coli Growth CurveLog bacterial numbers (CFU MM/ml)TimeE coli Standard CurveAbsorbance (600nm)Cell numbers (MM/ml) for both Aligent and your CFU data

Questions Look at the growth curves using Aligent CFU and your CFU: are they similar or different.  If they are different why is that.. Look at the aligent  plate count vs absorbance graph  – are they similar are they different.  If they are different why do you think that  Look at the aligent and your cfu data vs time  – calculate the maximum time of doubling 

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