Laboratory Proposal Conditions Necessary for Seed Germination and Growth

As we discussed in lab today you will need to turn in a proposal to me via email that includes:

*what question about seed germination or growth you would like to examine.

– think about the different variables needed for plants to grow/germinate and how you can manipulate them.

– I would do a little research on the seed(s) ( see below for options) you want to use for your experiment to make sure you can answer your question in the allotted time frame

– putting one seed in darkness and one in light is too simple of a project and will be rejected.

* Hypothesis- what results do you expect?

* Protocol- how you plan to conduct your experiment

– be as specific as possible

– remember you need to do this experiment in triplicate. For example, if you are looking at pinto beans, you need to have 3 pinto beans sprout/grow. If you are using multiple seeds to do a comparison than you will need to germinate/grow three of each seed.

*Supplies available to you:

-Petri dishes

-Parafilm- seals out air

– Pinto bean seeds

– French marigold seeds

-Sunflower seeds

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