Leadership essay


There are two components to this assignment.

Times New Roman font, with 1 The first component is to identify two developmental areas or gaps in your current leadership skills or style you would like to work on over the next year. In choosing these areas, you should consider the linkage between the competencies needed in your first job after graduation and your leadership strengths and weaknesses identified throughout this course and through your assessments. You also should consider how your leadership skill/style gaps relate to your personal vision essay. Provide a narrative description that outlines your logic for choosing these two developmental areas. I am very interested in A) the logic you use to justify your choice of competencies to focus on and why you think these two areas are especially important to focus on. B) How will your work, school, and personal life benefit from working on these areas of opportunity? The answers to these questions make up the 2-page essay which represents the first component of this assignment. Be specific!!! Please separate your answers corresponding to Part A and Part B with labels.

The second component of this assignment entails completing the developmental action plan form relative to the two developmental areas you picked. Hint: Make sure your action plan is very detailed. For example, “read two books on XYZ topics” is not specific enough for an action step to receive full credit. “Read X book by this specific date” is much more specific. Points will be deducted if action plan is too general.

The goal of this assignment is to identify areas of weakness and develop a concrete plan for self-improvement. It won’t be assessed as part of this class, but it would be ideal if you could actually carry it out!


The total length of the essay (Component #1) should be around 2 double spaced pages, 12pt” margins.

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