Liberty University Trauma of Spinal Cord Injury Presentation

For this assignment, the student will complete a PowerPoint presentation and a written summary covering a trauma related topic. The written portion should include an outline of the project with appropriate headings and should include a global overview of the topic in addition to issues including prevalence, severity, the “best practices for treatment”, and preferred theoretical modalities. This project can serve as a presentation for overall awareness, a therapeutic group, a curriculum, etc…There should be a minimum of 40 visually appealing slides, with each slide including illustrations in the form of pictures, clip art, charts, etc. Cite all sources, including websites, in current APA format in the footer of the slides, and then collect these references and append them on the last few slides in a standard reference format. Reference should be made in the presentation to at least 10 scholarly sources, in addition to any material taken from the textbooks.

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