madam professor

focus on how the GALC enzyme removes the sugar and the mechanism for that and enzyme   mutations and whether that changes the structure or folding of the enzyme which then causes the cerebroside to not be recognized anymore or the proper residue isn’t there to interact with galactose.  why this process is important and what happens when this reaction doesn’t happen and how that leads to Krabbe disease. It is a power point. so not too much text should be on the slides, but you can write the text and all the information you want to talk about it the note area.


it should be mostly explaining the graphs and charts from the papers. you do not put everything on the slides, but what ever you put have a clear and strong discussion for it

so at first you should talk about GALC enzyme background and its mechanism

then Deficiency of the enzyme

then talk about the mutations and the Krabbe disease

and then lastly the conclusion


due in 18 hours


if anything you need just email me, if i can I  wil provide it to you

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