Makeup 2007 Assignment

The Makeup2007.xlsx file (provided) gives sales data for a small makeup company. Each row lists the salesperson, product sold, location of the sale, units sold, and revenue generated. Use this file to perform the following exercise.

  1. Summarize the total revenue and units sold by each person of each product. (2 points)
  2. Summarize the percentage of each person’s sales that came from each location. Create a PivotChart to summarize this information. (2 points)
  3. Summarize each girl’s sales (in both units and dollars) by location and use the Report Filter to change the calculations to include any subset of products. (2 points)

Submit one (1) Excel file that includes three worksheets (label them for each question above)

FYI, this assignment is to be done with Pivot Table and Pivot Chart. (Lecture Powerpoint and lecture excel file is included if you need.)

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