Managing Motivation in a Difficult Economy Learning Goals In this case, you’ll have an opportunity to assess a motivational program designed to…

What are the advantages of randomly assigning different conditions to the stores instead of using this self-selection process?5. How does the changing nature of the workforce and the economy, described in your textbook and in the case, affect your conclusions about how to manage retail employees? Does the participation of a more experienced workforce help or hurt these programs? Why might these programs work differently in an economy that isn’t doing so poorly?

6. Claussen essentially designed the program on his own, with very little research into goal setting and motivation. Based on your textbook, how well has he done? Which parts of the program appear to fit well with research evidence on goal setting? What parts would you change to get more substantial improvements in employee motivation?

7. Describe the feelings employees might have when these systems are implemented that could help or hinder the program’s success. What advice would you give managers about how to implement the programs so they match the principles of organizational justice described in your textbook?

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