Mayo Clinic Epic rollout (Plummer Project )

i need someone to write a paper for master level:3 pages , just answer these questions in paragraphs. You can use these links (sources)  and add some reliable if you want but these sources should coverthe most of the paperAPA styleshould be done on Monday , April15,  any timeThe topic :  Mayo Clinic Epic rollout (Plummer ProjectA.What has Mayo announced about the project? Epic project (Plummer Project) was announced by Mayo in 2015 (Miliard, 2018).  The project’s goal was to create an integrated EHR across the organization.  Previously, Mayo’s EHR was an internally built product that utilized both Cerner and GE systems (Miliard, 2018).  The project “depended on the expertise of nearly 500 IT staff (Miliard, 2018)” and many administrative personnel.B. Are there specific techniques Mayo used in the change? Mention difficulties or barriers Critiques outside of mayo about this project

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