Medical Ethics


1. How does the study of medical ethics impact the thinking and decisions of a person working in social services or in health related positions?

2. Right now, society, and especially the media, seems to exalt young bodies, sexy appearance, athleticism and wealth. As most people cannot measure up to these ideals, how do professionals in the schood or service agencies present a set of values which can form the foundation of a HEALTHY society?

3. What is the proper role of state and federal governments in cases like Nancy Cruzan or Terri Shiavo? protect vulneable patients? leave it to families?

4. What are two important lessons that medical research should take from the Tuskegee experiments?

5. The ebola epidemic in Western Africa has presented severe challenges to the medical ethics community in terms of care for the individual and and care for the community. How important (ethical or political) was the effort to impose mandatory quarantines on medical people returning from the west African countries?

6. How does the study of medical ethics give society guidelines and directives for for the care of the mentally ill?

No Plagiarism! Must cite references (if any use)

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