mgt question

1. summarize the news first and then write several knowledge points that related to the PPT.…

2. Read the chapter and PowerPoint slides. Use the Global Integration (GI)-Local Responsiveness (LR) framework to analyze the following industries (highlight in each of these industries, which need/pressure should firms concentrate on, and explain briefly why):

a. Microprocessor

b. Movie-making

c. Air Travel

d. Banking

e. Automobile

3. Read the chapter and PowerPoint slides. Answer the following questions in a single Word document.

a. Use the Diamond Model of National Advantage to explain why the American film-making industry (Hollywood) has been performing strongly in the global markets.

b. According to Loxcel Geomatics (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., China, Japan, and Korea are Starbuck’s 2nd, 4th, and 5th largest markets. All three nations have a strong tea-drinking culture. Search the Internet and explain why Starbucks has been successful in these markets.

c. The chapter introduces five international entry modes. Search the Internet and find at least two examples of each entry strategy used to enter a foreign market.

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