MN506 Group Project Case 2 – Carpenter case, health and medicine homework help

APA Style, Font 12, Times New Roman, References 3, double spaced, Original, no plagiarism, work is checked with turnitin

Introduction/overview of the assignment and purpose of Carpenter case 2 – 1 page

Liability Issues – 1 page

Parties involved and who should be sued – 1 page

Defenses of the parties – 1 page

Case 2 – Carpenter case

In this unit, you will explain how you view your role as an advanced practice nursing leader and change agent from an ethical and legal perspective. You will be placed in a group for your Unit 7 and 9 group Projects by your instructor or you will be allowed to choose a group. There are two malpractice case scenarios that are described in the Assignment directions. Your instructor will assign your group either the Pinnelas case or the Carpenter case. The group works starts in Unit 1 with accessing the group area to share contact information. By the end of Week 2, your group will have developed a contract that will delineate the group work for the Unit 7 legal paper and the Unit 9 health policy WebQuest. This is an ongoing Project that culminates in Week 7 with a paper and in Week 9 with the WebQuest.

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