SUPPLY CHAIN PLANNINGIn SLP 3, focus on supply chain management in your imaginary company.Session Long ProjectUsing your fictitious company from the previous SLPs, continue to develop the company profile and operating information. This is a very open-ended SLP and it will give you an opportunity to expand your knowledge and allow you to use creativity in providing the solution to the challenges.Identify how your company uses supply chain management. Successful supply chain management demands a high level of integration among various parts of the organizations. Develop integrated supply management strategy, including suppliers, internal supply chain, and customers. Articulate challenges and possible solutions.This paper should be approximately 3–5 pages in length counting the introduction, body, and summary. Include references and cite them properly in the paper. Generally, at least three references should be used.SLP Assignment ExpectationsFirst discuss a recap of your company and provide any additional information about it that will be a necessary and/or interesting background to a discussion of supply chain management.Discuss internal supply chain and integration.Review integrated supply chain with suppliers and customers.Provide insight into how supply-chain links to operations strategy.There is no right or wrong response, so be creative and use your knowledge to compile the paper.Review all of the resources for this module. Use them to help you create/invent issues about quality and how you would improve.Look for additional references about the type of business you are operating, with specific information about implementing supply chain management.

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