msw 6004: Week 1 – Assignment 1: Analyze the NASW Practice Standards

For this week’s assignment, you will utilize both sources of the NASW practice standards that you learned about. Review and analyze both documents again, and then prepare a critical analysis of the following:Explore how the goals for each set of standards complement each other since clinical social workers will often work with clients who have substance use disorders. Give evidence to support your answer.Examine how each set of standards expects social workers to utilize the concept of person-in-environment.Briefly discuss your view of how/if these two sets of standards play a role in advancing human rights or social and economic justice.If you were a newly graduated MSW who was entering clinical social work practice with clients who have substance use disorders, determine which standards would be your strengths. Then, indicate which standards you would need to strengthen, and explain why.Additional resources are not required, but you may include resources in addition to the NASW documents.Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pages

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