Need help with Project Management assignments


I need the individual projects for unit 2, discussion board post for unit 3, and individual project for unit 3 to be completed as soon as possible. Previous tutor was working on these assignments since last night then he stopped due to family emergency. I’m including unit 1 instruction and work submitted just for FYI because all work are continuation to the previous unit. So on unit 1 class discussion, there are two scenarios that we supposed to pick for our project, and I picked scenario #2 (construction project). Which means for the rest of the assignment (all the way to unit 5), I have to submit subsequent assignment based on construction project.

Here is the text book information: Dynamic Scheduling With Microsoft Project 2013 by Ambriz, edition 1 (ISBN: 9781604277548)

My individual project 2 is already late, so I need this one done asap.

Unit 3 discussion board post is due on 4/24 and unit 3 Individual project is due this coming Wednesday (25 April).

Once these assignments are completed, I’ll send assignments for units 4 and 5.

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