Nursing assignment 1. Kindly provide high quality work


development of self as nurse assignment

1. summary of video of the story of care.

2. apply human science theory as it relates to the depth and relate it to one of the theories eg Watson or parson or nightingale (chose one theorist only)

3. novice to expert: in the write up u should write about Patricia Benner since she formulate the theory from novice to expert After which you will state if the nurse in the video is a novice or an expert.

4.the impact on nursing care.


6 references.

watch the video


I have attached a copy of chart that will help you understand the assignment .

maximum 3.5 pages excluding reference page and copy page . each of the question just write the heading and answer the question underneath it .just answer the questions in essay format thanks I sent u a chart to look at. read the chart to have an idea of the theorists and watch the video relate it to one of the theorist that was describe in the video. any theorist you think his or her character was displayed in the video then answer the questions. write the heading of the question and answer the question underneath.

Kindly provide a quality work no plagiarism no grammar typos

Use APA formarting style and ensure you formart all relevant sources including the video

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