one year, Exercise 11.11. (Data from J. K. Ford, Diversification: How Many Stocks Will Suffice?

Figure 11.14 contains average monthly lake levels for Lake Murray in South Carolina. Describe the shape, center, and variability of the distribution of lake levels.
one year, Exercise 11.11. (Data from J. K. Ford, "Diversification: How Many Stocks Will Suffice?"American Association of Individual Investors Journal, January 1990, pp. 14-16.)2520Count15105-0346 348 350 352 354 356 358Elevation (feet)Figure 11.14 U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) data on average monthly Lake Murray elevationsfrom November 1990 to July 2006, Exercise 11.12.(a) Describe the overall shape of the distribution of total returns.eW

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