operations management problem

Task Description

You have been asked by your supervisor to identify the most pressing operations management problem at your place of work, and then to complete the following in the form of a report to your supervisor:

  • Briefly explain the problem
  • Present a detailed discussion regarding the problem from the following perspectives:
    • Financial
    • Customer-related
    • Internal operations, which would include all of the following:
      • Management
      • Marketing
      • Operations
      • Quality
      • Processes

Given the view of the problem from these various perspectives, how would you resolve the problem, showing in the process, how your resolution addresses each of these areas to some satisfactory level. You may wish to do some research on the Internet to determine an appropriate format for a report such as this, but you will also need to follow the formatting conventions discussed under Deliverable.

The report being completed will be read by your supervisor and upper management who expect you to explain the problem, impacts, issues and recommended solutions. However, many of these readers may not have the detailed knowledge of the problem that you have. Please make sure you write the paper at an appropriate level for someone unfamiliar with the problem. Don’t confuse the reader with rhetoric and technical terminology that would not be understood by most.

This should be a problem that has the potential to significantly impact the business operation. Therefore, you need to bring some well-thought- through ideas to the table as to how this project problem could be corrected/resolved. Factor in strategic ideas, key processes, means by which to evaluate success or failure, merits where appropriate, your role in the project and related process, and over financial gains/losses resulting from the recommended actions.

Graduate level thinking will be expected in this assignment. This is not a “soft assignment” where you tell the reader about a problem and then casually explain an array of possible solutions. It is about a serious problem and what you clearly believe needs to be done.


Structure of the submitted work:

  • 7–10 pages in length
  • 1” margins
  • 12 point font
  • Double spacing.

Include a cover page and bibliography page with at minimum of five sources/references. The cover page and bibliography are not part of the seven- to ten-page number count.

This assignment will be due during Week 8 per your facilitator’s requirement.

Grading Criteria

This deliverable requires the application of APA style to the following extent:

  • Reference or Citation format
  • Cover Sheet
  • Reference Page
  • Punctuation standards, margin depth, line spacing, and heading format

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