Paper about the discovery of the first extraterrestrial life form

Please answer the following questions in a brief of about 2500 words. Please provide references and citations – we suggest you use APS, MLA, or another accepted citation format that you are most familiar with.

1. Where Do We Find It? (about 1000 words)

We would like to base our film on places and conditions within our own solar system that may support life. Please provide us with information about at least 3 worlds (moons or planets) in our solar system that scientists have evidence that life might be possible. Explain what evidence is known and any other advice you would provide the studio about creating a realistic extraterrestrial environment that could support life.

2. What Do We Find? (about 1000 words)

The organism discovered must be the most realistic choice of what scientists think would be discovered first on another world. Please provide us with at least 3 discoveries of extremophiles on Earth that provide examples of the types of organisms that might be discoverable on the worlds described in the earlier question. Explain how their metabolism, respiration, and other biological functions are thought to be managed in these extreme conditions?

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3. How Do We Find It? (about 1000 words – up to 20 bonus points added to Term Paper Grade)

To be considered as the scientific director on the film, We Found It, we invite you to submit an example press release that might go out if a lifeform were be discovered sometime in the next 8 years. You must image a scenario that has not occurred, but we ask that you use information about real spacecraft, telescopes, or other forms of technology required for the discovery, the location where it could happen, and a description of the discovery itself.

  • Chapters 12 and 13, Life in the Universe: Bennett & Shostak 4th edition

3000 words as TOTAL.

Please see DETAILS in file attached.

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