Philosophy discussion board question

-This i a discussion board question.  Answer it how ever you would like, just make sure to answer all of the questions. There isn’t a specific length that it has to be, ideally just 3-4 paragraphs.In this forum, I’d like for you to reflect upon several things. First, what can we make of existentialism and the fact that it was one of the dominant philosophies of recent times? Are we to conclude, with Sartre, that we live in a world without objective values– a world with no meaning in which we must take responsibility for “creating our own essence”? What are the implications, both positive and negative, of such a philosophy? Second (and I would expect this to be simply another part of the same conversation), can philosophy help us to find some “final answers” to those “final questions,” as I suggest in the last video? Are there, after all, eternal and objective values– as Socrates thinks and as Sartre denies? What is the role of knowledge, belief, and even faith in our sorting-out of the world and its meaning for us personally? What, in the end, is the value and importance of philosophy, in your view?

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