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You receive a call on your cell phone from a medical care provider that a parent (or a spouse) has had a major stroke and is in your local community hospital’s emergency room.

It appears that your parent or spouse will be admitted to the hospital for at least one week, and decisions have to be made by you and your family members on how to care for this individual. Please answer the questions below in your discussion posting:

1. What type of planning have you or your family done for this type of event, and what would be your role in providing care for this parent or spouse?

2. Is there someone in your household that could care for this individual, and if so, what care would be provided and for how many hours a week? Would the care be paid or unpaid?

3. If the hospital tells you that your family member (or spouse) needs rehabilitation services and further evaluation before they are able to return home, what type of long-term care setting would you move your loved one to, and how would you make that decision?

4. If your family member (or spouse) returns home, what types of accommodations would you have to make for them so they could stay at home safely?  If your family member cannot return home, what type of long-term care setting would you choose for your loved one and why?

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