Please use APA style​ and see intructions

From the below model, formulate a research question and one to two hypotheses that could be used empiraclly to test the utility of the conceptual framework or model in nursing practice.

The Health Belief Model . The Health Belief Model (HBM; Becker, 1976, 1978) has become a popular framework in nursing studies focused on patient compliance and preventive health care practices. The model postulates that health-seeking behavior is influenced by a person’s perception of a threat posed by a health problem and the value associated with actions aimed at reducing the threat. The major components of the HBM include perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived benefits and costs, motivation, and enabling or modifying factors. Perceived susceptibility is a person’s perception that a health problem is personally relevant or that a diagnosis is accurate. Even when one recognizes personal susceptibility, action will not occur unless the individual perceives the severity to be high enough to have serious implications. Perceived benefits are the patients’ beliefs that a given treatment will cure the illness or help prevent it, and perceived barriers include the complexity, duration, and accessibility of the treatment. Motivation is the desire to comply with a treatment. Among the modifying factors that have been identified are personality variables, patient satisfaction, and sociodemographic factors.

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