PPE WMD Haz-Mat GEAR WMD-GEAR Must have Knowledge of these

You must know about Current Weapons of Mass Destruction, CBRNE Safety Gear, Level B and A Suites . Use Refernces &Sources from 2015 or newer

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Using Microsoft PowerPoint or similar presentation software, create a slide presentation that outlines at least two different types of technologies or gear that are utilized as personal protective equipment (PPE) in the prevention, response, and/or recovery for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) weapons of mass destruction (WMD) incidents. Your presentation should address the following. Give the specific make, model, and purpose of each type of gear or technology. Also, expand on its purpose and use in preparation, response, or recovery operations in a CBRNE incident. How is the gear or technology similar to what was available and used 10–20 years ago, and how is it different? What are the advantages or disadvantages of the technology or gear? What advancements or potential for advancements exist in the use of this type of technology or gear?

HLS 3306, Homeland Security Technology 2

Your PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of eight but no more than 10 slides, not counting the title and reference slides. You must utilize either the Notes or Audio Narration feature of PowerPoint to include additional context and amplify the information for each slide. You can add audio to a PowerPoint presentation. Also relevant, up-to-date industry resources to support your PowerPoint presentation. All sources used must be properly cited, and references should be formatted in APA style

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