Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility

Review the Discussion Board Participation grading rubric in your course Syllabus.


To ensure you earn maximum points, your professionally written postings should provide substantive depth that demonstrates your proficiency to address topics and advance the Discussion at a graduate school level. Your postings should represent your own experience and the knowledge you have gained through learning, by communicating clearly through the written word. Correct use of grammar, spelling, descriptive explanations, and logical flow of thought are important in all assignments. (Note: Discussion responses are submitted to Turnitin to confirm originality and correct citation of references). Post a main response plus at least two additional conversational responses in the Discussion forum. There must be postings on or before Saturday and on three different days during the unit.

Topic: Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility

The Unit 3 Discussion is designed for you to consider how a business might implement corporate social responsibility in their value chain.


  • Put on your entrepreneur hat! Assume the role as the founder of a fictional company. Describe (you may decide) what type of company, the location, and the societal variables relevant to your fictional company. (Fictional Company: A Taste of Heaven Café)
  • You know your value chain will benefit from implementing corporate socially responsible programs. You know the employees, customers, and societal environment will take notice and you will increase your company’s competitive advantage. You have made the decision to improve your results by adding corporate social responsibility to your value chain’s elements.
  • Explain how you will implement corporate social responsibility in your business.
    • What do you need to know in order to decide what types of corporate social responsibility efforts will benefit your company? What expectations do you have related to costs and benefits? To what extent can your business demonstrate corporate social responsibility? What can you do without any cost or use of resources?
    • What are the pros and cons of the corporate responsibility programs you are considering? Do the pros outweigh the cons? Explain.
    • Conduct research to discover the answers to your questions.
    • Describe how your business can demonstrate corporate responsible behavior. What will you do and how will employees, customers and society know?
  • The response should use first person perspective.
  • Compose a response of at least four paragraphs of 4–5 sentences per paragraph.
  • Support your response’s content with at least two applied and cited references from a Library article and your textbook. Apply and cite no more than one APA formatted reference and citation per paragraph. Internet references are not accepted for this Unit 3 Discussion. Use APA in-text citation within the response and list the applied reference(s) at the end of the response using APA formatting. APA formatting resources are available in the Academic Tools area titled, “APA Style Central.”
  • Proofread your response, run spell check and grammar check, and proofread again. Post your polished response in the Unit 3 Discussion.

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