Presentation on Styles watch Bill clinton’s Full spec 1 ) Select a video of a speech and speaker you like on You Tube em Facebook , Vimeo , Flickr ,…

My instructor’s requesting a Presentation On Style from me. I have been a domestic violence victim. As a result, public speaking comes as a great challenge for me. Aside from that, I lack structural material for this assignment.
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Presentation on Styleswatch Bill clinton’s Full spec1 ) Select a video of a speech and speaker you like on You Tube emFacebook , Vimeo , Flickr , MetaCafe , Daily Motion , Vube , Veoh , etc . Itcan be any kind of speech – a commencement speech at a college [ Ograduation , a farewell speech at a retirement dinner , a motivationalspeech at a seminar , a TED Talk , a valedictorian speech at a high schoolor college , a political campaign speech , etc .2 ) Watch the speech and decide where the introduction of thespeech begins and ends . Where does introductionends & begins, prepare context ("( ex . thisis thedate , where Itwhere )was given, whothis person is, not distracting audience with c3 ) Introduce the speech by briefly offering some cofftext_ Are 9location , setting , date , audience and anything else you think the IN^class needs to know before you play the introduction of theItspeech .Introduction4 ) Play the introduction to the speech for the class .whoeffect5 ) Discuss how the speaker grabbed your attention at the beginning ofthe speech . ( i.e., Why did you keep watching ? )That facewhat6 ) Discuss what was effective about the speaker’s delivery . How doesshe use her voice ( vocal variation , pitch , volume , rate of speaking ) tokeep your attention ? What does she do with her eyes , facial expressionand body to captivate you ? ( Try muting the video and watching thespeaker without sound to zero in on her gestures , posture , eye contactand facial expressions . ) Refer to the handout I gave you on delivery tohelp you articulate the speaker’s strengths . Be specific.7) Close your presentation by talking about what aspects of thespeaker’s delivery you would like to incorporate into your own styleof speaking .

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