Project: Chemical reactions between different substances, chemistry homework help

– First, formulate your hypothesis: What do you think the reactions will be between the different kinds of candies when they are placed into the different kinds of soda? Record your predictions. Remember to record a hypothesis for each separate type of candy, combined with each different type of soda.

– Next, collect all the necessary items for the lab:

  • Mentos candies
  • Another type of candy
  • Meter stick
  • Magnifier
  • Test tube

– Then, carry out the experiment. Place each different type of candy into each different kind of soda and record the reaction that takes place.

– Finally, you are going to compare the predictions you made in your hypothesis to the results you got when you conducted your experiment. Did the experiment go like you planned? If not, why do you think the results were different from your predictions? Why do you think the experiment turned out the way it did? Were there any additional factors that might have influenced the results of the experiment? If you did the experiment again is there anything you would have done differently?

– Complete a lab report to turn in to report your findings. lab report will be made up of four sections. Each section will be between two and five paragraphs. These should be labelled with individual headers: Question and Hypothesis, Experimental Process, Summary, and Analysis. The Analysis section should discuss what your your results mean, and this is the most important part of your experiment.

– This paper must be written in APA style, in at least 500 words with strong descriptive details.

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