Provide detailed answers to the following questions:

  • Provide detailed answers to the following questions:
  • Look at the clothing labels of the clothes you are wearing. Was anything that you are wearing produced in the United States? Besides garment appeal, what types of considerations might consumers weigh when deciding to buy apparel?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of import controls for domestic industries? Do you favor stronger controls? More lax controls? Why?
  • Several U.S. sanctions programs are limited to U.S. companies only. The decades-old sanctions program against Cuba, for example, has meant that Asian and European companies can do as much business as they wish in Cuba. How effective do you think a sanctions program like this can be? Who are the winners, and who are the losers?
  • What issues would you encounter as a businessperson negotiating a sales contract with a company in China? How would you overcome these issues?

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