PSC495 Grand Canyon University Week 8 Action Research Project Question

Minimum 100 word response and cite sources if used. No format necessary

Question 1:

The Topic Material “How to Get Your Idea Approved” suggests five key techniques for successfully pitching your idea to key stakeholders, including forming alliances, preparation, positioning your message for the audience, keeping information simple, and answering questions with confidence. Which of these five techniques will be most difficult for you as you work toward problem solution implementation within your organization? Discuss why a particular technique may be difficult, and provide your peers with specific ideas for overcoming obstacles to solution approval and implementation.

Question 2:

Based upon your experience with completing the action research project, what suggestions would you give to others about implementing an action research process in order to address an organizational problem? Provide specific suggestions along with links to relevant resources

The steps taken were:

Diagnosing Organizational Issues and Creating a Problem Statement

Researching Problem Causes

Stakeholder Analysis

Problem Solution Selection

Writing a Business Proposal

Managing Change and Evaluating Solutions

Making a Business Proposal

Summarizing Your Business Proposal

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