Psych 625 week 6 –

Version:1.Look at the following chi-square output, and answer the questions below it.Chi-Square TestFrequenciesPreferenceObserved   NExpected   NResidualNuts   & Grits920.0-11.0Bacon   Surprise2720.07.0Dimples1620.0-4.0Froggy1720.0-3.0Chocolate   Delight3120.011.0Total100Test StatisticsPreferenceChi-Square15.800adf4Asymp.   Sig..003a 0 cells (0.0%) have expected frequencies less than 5. The minimum expected cell frequency is 20.0.Answer the following questions about this chi-square output:1. How many categories are listed for analysis?Â2. What is the expected N size?Â3. What is the chi-square value?Â4. How many degrees of freedom are there?5. What it the test statistic and what does it tell you about the probability?

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