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in the business of selling equipment and supplies to the operators of grain elevators in the Midwest. Roger, Renee and Stan are top salesman for Lindenwood Grain and are responsible for over 60% of Lindenwood’s sales. The three employees decided to leave Lindenwood Grain and form their own company which would compete with Lindenwood Grain.  While working for Lindenwood Grain, the three employees started some basic planning for their new company. They looked into office space, put together a general business plan and arranged for financing.  On March 1, 2015, Roger, Renee and Stan left Lindenwood Grain and started their new business, RRS Grain Supply. Roger, Renee and Stan  used their knowledge of sales leads, customer lists, pricing trends that they learned while working at Lindenwood Grain market their new business. After 6 months, Lindenwood Grain lost substantial business to RRS Grain Supply. Lindenwood Grain filed a lawsuit against Roger, Renee and Stan, alleging that each of them violated their duty of loyalty to Lindenwood Grain.  Roger, Renee and Stan  correctly informed the Court that they had no employment contract with Lindenwood Grain, and that Lindenwood Grain never had them to sign a non-compete agreement or a non-solicitation agreement and petition the court to dismiss Lindenwood’s lawsuit on those grounds. What claim, if any, does Lindenwood Grain have a claim against the three former employees? Explain your answer.

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