Question: Please post a couple of research questions related to your issue along with possible plans for data collection. My topic is Globalisation.


Please post a couple of research questions related to your issue along with possible plans for data collection. My topic is Globalisation.

This section may vary in length and will demonstrate your ability to research existing literature. The requirement is 10 sources, properly cited (MLA) that reflects your chosen topic. You can estimate writing at least one page per article. You should be thorough in summarizing the main intent of each article, paraphrasing in your own words the relevance of each article. You must also include a final statement and analysis with each of your articles; justify your sources, discuss their relevance to your thesis, and include any observations or questions pertaining to what you read. Every reference must be properly cited both within the Review of the Literature section and within your Works Cited page.

An example of an anwser (but not properly done with the MLA):

The couple questions that I have on my topic are:

  • What are the top 5 places where human trafficking occurs?
  • Which gender and age is the most affected?
  • How difficult is it to catch someone that is trafficking humans?
  • What laws are there against human trafficking?
  • Are there any success stories for families or someone that was a victim?
  • What is the procedure to try to find and catch a trafficker?
  • How long does it usually take to catch a trafficker?
  • What laws and penalties are out there to help stop or prevent human trafficking?
  • Why is sex trafficking the top known or most popular?
  • How many awareness programs are out in todays society?
  • How can education and awareness help society prevent human trafficking?
  • How can we prevent human trafficking from occurring in other parts of the world?
  • What needs to be done to eliminate human trafficking in the United States?
  • How well is police educated in the matter?

Possible plans for some of my data collection is by obviously researching online by using great sources like Britannica and Credo from the FIDM Library Sources. I want to potentially put out surveys to see how educated people are on the matter of human trafficking and how they feel about it. I would like to interview someone win the police station to get insight on how they go about cases on human trafficking and what are their most common type of trafficking. I think this will also help me understand the actual strategy’s and penalties against human trafficking and if there are many today.

I also plan to research recent articles on arrests and cases on human trafficking from News reports and New York Times. I want to also find real life stories about victims that have survived human trafficking to get an insight on what they went through. Also, stories on families that have lost someone due to human trafficking and are still on the hunt to find them to see the other side of the issue and see how the process works with police officials and investigators. I also want to watch a couple videos, like on Vice, to research and collect data from not only in the US but also outside and how human trafficking on other parts of the world affect is here in the US.

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