Quizzes IST-101 Lucture and Lab. information system technology.

he quize webste: https://my.csusb.edu/group/mycampus/home
password: Cod082593
on the upper left side of the web there is: Bb (Blackboard) click on it
after that, then to take the quizzes go to course:
IST-101 section 03 is Lecture. the text book: http://wps.prenhall.com/bp_geoghan_vistech_1/180/4… you can find the all chapters
IST-101 section 01 is Lab
quizzes due date: 07/12/2017
the quizzes should be full marked. Also uploaded the syllabus for Luc and Lab
any question please let me know?
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Files: n8l4opjsd2.pdf, yoihgo87j2.pdf

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