Read Ch 6 in textbook work thru Access tutorials at (2010 or 2013) at: http:

This assignment will take some time researching, thinking, working tutorials & submitting by deadline.

Read Ch 6 in textbook & work thru Access tutorials at (2010 or 2013) at:

Focus on Option A or B

Write your answers with real-world examples.


  • At upper left, label ID:  Your Name, Ch 6, OPTION A or B
  • OPTION A is from book&
  • OPTION B is from GCF tutorials
  • NUMBER & answer in4+ complete sentences for EACH Q
  • Spell check & proofread for typos, caps, punctuation, etc. before submitting
  • Click on FINISH / SUBMIT

* * *

Option A. 

Does Big Data Bring Big Rewards? (pp. 214-216 in 11/e, pp. 231-231 in 13/e). 4+ sentences each.

  1. Describe the different kinds of ‘big data’ collected by the organizations described in this case.  What did they hope to accomplish by doing so?  List & describe the business intelligence technologieswritten about in this case (you can supplement with Web research to update).
  2. Why did the companies described in this case need to maintain and analyze Big Data?  What business benefits did they obtain?  How much were they helped by analyzing big data?  Address each company specifically & include other examples you may know about.
  3. Identify 3 decisions that were improved by using Big Data (whomade the decisions andwhatwere they supposed to accomplish?).  What other thoughts do you have about this (use another ‘real world’ example).
  4. Should all organizations (around the world, both business & other kinds) try to analyze Big Data?  Why or why not?  How would they do that?  Think beyond the text:  Big Data is in the health, military, financial, govt., commercial, etc. sectors.
  5. What people, organization, and technology issues should be addressed before a company or organization decides to work with Big Data?  Are there any ethical issues involved?  Give specific examples.


Option B.  Do (2010 or 2013) & answer each in 4+ sentences:

  1. To learn how to use Access, go through Access 2010 tutorials &write up in 4+ sentences.- Working with Data:  Tables, Forms, Sorting/Filtering Records- Running Queries & Reports- Database Design Tips and – Take the Quiz at the end.  Write up in 4+ sentences.
  2. What are 3 differences between Excel & Access,since both can be considered database software?  When would you use each one?  Include a specific example for each difference.  Is there another database software you would use in a small business or organization that is NOT MS Access?  Why? (4+ sentences)
  3. What is the difference between a table, a form, a query, and a report in MSAccess objects?  Give a specific ‘real world’ example of how & when each could be used.  You can use other real-world examples as well. (4+ sentences, specific examples).
  4. If you have a small business that works with MSAccess & Excel, at what point do you need to consider a larger database system for CRM (customer relationship mgt.) like Salesforce, Insightly, or Zoho?  Check out website or others (4+ sentences).
  5. What is data warehousing? Example?  (4+ sentences) Search & write up in your own words (try Webopedia or the Quick Guide to Data Warehousing Overview at:

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