Readings: Post, J. (2017). 4 Ways to Define Leadership. Business News Daily. Available from:, N., & Wootton, D. (1995)


  • Post, J. (2017). 4 Ways to Define Leadership. Business News Daily.  Available from:
  • Machiavelli, N., & Wootton, D. (1995). The Prince. Indianapolis: Hackett Pub. Co. Available through the Gutenberg Project:; please read chapter 21 about the issues surrounding the reputation and public image of a leader
  • Stone, A.G. and Patterson, K. (2005) The History of Leadership Focus.  Regent University, Servant Leadership Research Roundtable.  Retrieved from: .
  • N.A. (2010). 5 lessons businesses can learn from Wikileaks.  Rueters Blog. Available from:
  • N.A. (N.D.) Leadership Theory and Models.  University of Pretoria.


Part 1

Based on this unit’s readings and a Wikileaks example, please find a piece of CURRENT NEWS, analyze it and write up your suggested five lessons in sequence and priority from the most important to the less important that you as a leader would want to learn from.  DF post requirements:

  • Minimum of 300-words for your original post, use your own words only and reference your sources in apa format.

Part 2

Take the Least Preferred Coworker Scale by Fiedler and find out if you are a relationship-oriented or task-oriented leader. Note your scores and comment on your opinion about the validity of this test as well as possible leanings in your leadership development.

Part 3

Visit, read, and register with the University of Pennsylvania Test Center at:

Take the VIA Signature Survey (240 questions) of Character Strengths. You will be provided with your top five character strengths at the end of the survey. By clicking on the “View All” tab located at the bottom of the page, you will be able to scroll down to get the five character descriptors of your lowest scores. Please read the full description of your 24 character descriptors paying special attention to the five strongest and the five weakest characteristics.

Use these scores to write an essay about you as a Developing Leader where you describe yourself as a leader first, state if you are in agreement with the assessment, explain why (or why not) and state what qualities you will be strengthening and what qualities you will be trying to minimize or develop throughout this course and why. Use examples from the past as well as specifics on how you intend to develop leadership characteristics. Indicate how you can be of help to your peers to help others in their quest for developing leadership.

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