References discussion

Review the topic study materials and the directions for the “References List” assignment.Identify characteristics of quantitative and qualitative methodologies you look for when finding scholarly resources.Why is it important to analyze sources critically?What is the difference between scholarly sources and news media? When is it appropriate to use each type?References list assignmentReview the “Reference List Example” in the topic study materials.This assignment will help you prepare for the Topic 3 “Annotated Bibliography” and the Topic 4 “Three Pillars and Future Impact” assignments. Review the directions in Topic 3 and Topic 4 assignments for details.Pick an industry (health care, marketing, retail, technology, etc.) with which you are familiar. Using Google Scholar, the GCU Library, or another reputable site, identify industry-relevant scholarly sources that support the three pillars concepts: servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurism. Refer to the topic study materials to determine what is considered a scholarly resource. Create a title page and a references list that cites nine references from the past five years. Include at the following types of references:Five journal articles (include at least one article for each of the three pillars: servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurism)One bookOne websiteOne dissertation/thesis from a databaseOne book chapter

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