Respond to collegues discussion post using two professional referenses in APA format. colleagues discusion is displayed below

Respond by critiquing at least two of your colleagues’ postings on two different days using elements of the communication process and recommend additional strategies to overcome the barriers. If you think other factors may have contributed to the situation, provide an analysis with the support of literature.

Organizational communication is more complex than other forms of communication. It involves more communication channels, more people to communicate with, and more information to transmit with. (Marquis & Huston, 2017) Conflicts in communication are essentially related to differences in peer’s views on what constitutes ‘good care’ based on different care approaches. (Van Keer, Deschepper, Francke, Huyghens, & Bilsen, 2015) One common problem I see in my unit is Doctor’s not listening to our nurses.

Recently, we had a patient who was in for a med-surg bed. Throughout the shit, he started to get sleepier and paler. The nurse went to the doctor and voiced her concerns that this patient should stay in the ICU and we should run more tests to see what was wrong. The doctor said he was fine and that the patient’s labs were fine. The nurse said please come lay eyes on him, he is not well. The doctor still blew the nurse off, and the next day the patient cardiac arrested and died. The doctor refusing to listen to the nurse was a critical error made that day in patient care. “Communication failure is a common root cause of the medical error (Marquis & Huston, 2017).

Listening is a communication skill, all healthcare professionals need to work on. Communicative leaders act in an invitational manner by promoting discussions and creating safe spaces for all employees to express themselves and be listened to (Johansson, Miller, & Hamrin, 2014). To improve listening skills, a leader should give time, and attention to the sender. The communication process uses the sender, the message and receiver to make a circle of communication. By listening thoroughly, the message can be received before forming a response to the message is complete. (Marquis & Huston, 2017)

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