Rutgers University Personal Success Factors Essay

The objective of this assignment is to develop your understanding of the factors that help a young professional establish credibility as a strong performer and valued member of a team and company and especially to apply that knowledge to creating a plan for your remaining time as a student

This assignment takes several steps.

Step 1: Research and read at least four articles that you identify on the topic of personal success factors for those working in business. Appropriate sources include academic journals and reputable business publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Fortune magazine. Blogs and obscure websites are far less attractive sources and will not lead to maximum points on the assignment.

Step 4: Write a reflective essay of no more than two pages single-spaced, outlining your plans to develop the skills and habits that you can develop as a student that will prepare you for success in the business world. Your paper must cite ideas that came from your research and/or from participation in the roundtables. Be specific in your plans – the more specific, the better the grade is likely to be. The citation page does not count against the page limit.

Since this paper is relatively short, don’t waste your space with enormous headers showing the faculty name, date, section, etc. Devote your space to quality content instead.

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