Saint Xavier University Occupational Therapy Practices Paper

OT 2010.51

Introduction to Occupational Therapy

Article Analysis Instruction Sheet 2018

1. Select an article from an occupational therapy practice journal that addresses one of the practice areas and/or client populations reviewed in this course.

2. Write a 2-3 page double-spaced paper, using the following outline to analyze the article.

a. What was the author’s main purpose for writing the article? (5 points)

b. What was the focus of the article? (7 points)

c. What were the most important points of information shared in the article? (8 points)

d. What major conclusions did the author present? (8 points)

e. Do you think this article helps to expand the knowledge of the profession of occupational therapy? (Support your answer) (7 points)

f. Explain what you found most interesting about this article. (5 points)

g.Grammar, spelling and proper citations/reference. (5 points)

3.The analysis should be in a narrative form, not in a question-answer format. This is not a summary of the article.

4.Use the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition format for citation and referencing of the article. An APA reference manual is available at the library reference desk for students unfamiliar with this format. Online resources for APA are also available.

5. A copy of the article must be submitted as a PDF file in Moodle or as a hard copy to the instructor by the due date. Do not submit a journal or tear out an article.

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