SAS Enrollment, Log In and Database Uploads

This set of links will help you with the next portion of your SAS exercise.

1. First, you need to register with SAS, if you have not already done so. To do that, follow this link: (Links to an external site.). This is the sign in page for SAS, so you may want to bookmark it so you can easily return later. If you have previously registered, then you may log in from here. Otherwise, click on “Register for an account” and register. Once you have registered, SAS will send you a user ID, which will probably be your email address (before the @) and a number (usually zero).

2. If you save the above bookmark and go there to sign in each time, SAS may ask you for a course code. It is not necessary to enter one – simply click on “Return to the Dashboard”. If you would like to avoid that each time, once you have registered, simply click on this link:

3. At this point, you will simply click on “SAS Studio” and you are then ready for the exercise.

4. Below are links to two videos developed by Dr. Jeff Bohler for IS3310. The first one includes some exercises you do not need to do for this class, but you may find it helpful in learning to navigate SAS. It explains how to enroll in SAS and it also shows you how to build a scatterplot from an existing database. Here is that link: (Links to an external site.)

5. The next video is where Dr. Bohler is explaining how to upload a database. YOU NEED THIS! This is where you will learn how to upload the Excel spreadsheet with the Real Estate Data in order to complete the Critical Thinking Exercise for QM.

Link to Dr. Bohler’s video on uploading a database:

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