SCM610 AIC Week 1 National University Digital Library Case Study Analysis

#1 of 2: Case study

Read and analyze the case study below. Provide a background of the study as your introduction. Repeat each question as your main headings as you answer each part completely. Utilize at least one course reference and two outside references to support your statements. All writing assignments must follow APA guidelines, such as: title page, headings/sub-headings, referencing, quoting, paraphrasing, writing style and formatting. Do not include an abstract or table of contents for this short assignment.


– For Case Studies, write as if you are employed by the subject company and writing an internal report — no need to cite internal sources (e.g. the Case Study).

– You are solving this case as a current-day project — write in the present tense!

– Write as a formal document submitted by a work team, so avoid 1st person (i.e. “I” or “We”).

– If help is needed for general writing, contact the NU’s Writing Center immediately.

– Students should use National University’s digital library for credible business sources and other peer-reviewed papers as references.

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