See Transactions amp; Additonal at Bottom of Page Lucky Enterprises, Inc.

1. Record all of the transactions for April in the appropriate journals.2. Prepare the trial balance at April 30, 20XX.3. Prepare the income statement for Lucky for the four months ending April 30, 20XX.4. Prepare a statement of retained earnings for the four month period ended April 30, 20XX.5. Prepare a balance sheet as of April 30, 20XX.6. Prepare a general journal for the month of April 30, 20XX.

General JournalDateParticulars1.Aprwagescash1.Apr5.Apr Amount ($)Amount ($)12001200 RentCash 600600 8.Apr11.Apr11.Apr 12.Apr13.Apr15.Apr 7500 Accounts PayableCash 2800 WagesCash…

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