Social Media Strategy and Timeline Paper

I need a paper for the instructions attached/below. In case you are not sure what KPI’s or SMART Goals are, I have also attached two photos.

This week, you’ll be creating your social media strategy for your capstone client (I will give you my capstone client in the comments.) and putting together a detailed timeline for your social media campaign.

To complete this assignment, you will write a paper that must include all of the following:

1) An executive summary that states the name of your capstone client, the type of business your capstone client is engaged in, and the overarching purpose of your social media campaign

a. As an example, an overarching goal might be to promote the launch of a new website, increase brand awareness, etc.

2) A paragraph that states the scope of your social media campaign by identifying the specific 3 SMART goals your campaign is supposed to achieve

a. As an example, a specific goal might be to drive at least 100 views of a new website in the first month of its launch, secure at least 50 social media mentions/tags for the brand in a 30-day time period, etc.

3) List 3 KPIs you can use to measure each of your 3 goals

a. NOTE: This means that, in total, you’re listing 9 KPIs

b. As an example, a KPI could be your client’s number of followers on specific socialmedia platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

4) List 3 tactics you can use to achieve each of your 3 goals

a. NOTE: This means that, in total, you’re listing 9 tactics

b. As an example, a tactic could be to send email invitations to people in order toencourage them to like your capstone client’s brand on social media

5) List 3 metrics you can use to measure whether each tactic was successful

a. NOTE: This means that, in total, you’re listing 9 metrics

b. As an example, an important metric could be the increase/decrease in the numberof social media followers your capstone client has on each social media platform(e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

6) A paragraph that states the projected ROI for each of the goals outlined in your planned social media strategy

a. As an example, your ROI might be to increase sales or membership by 3% in a 3- month time period.

7) A chart with your social media timeline that specifically identifies:

a. At least 1 social media effort per week for the next 3 months

b. For example:





January, Week 1

Launch social media campaign

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn


January, Week 2


Press Release via Document and Video


Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn


January, Week 3


Promote upcoming event


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn


January, Week 4



Run contest





February, Week 1


Announce contest winner




8) Your paper must be written in APA format, with a cover page, and with your citations listed in APA format.

Proofread your paper extraordinarily carefully in order to avoid grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors. There will be a 1-point deduction for each type of grammatical/typographical error that appears in your posts.

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