Strategic Management Reflective Essay




1500 words, 1.5 line spaced, 12 point Times New Roman.
Note: The word count does not include references or appendices

Record and reflect on your learning and development as a strategist over the course of the semester.

Each individual is requires to write a reflective essay that demonstrates a significant personal insight into your development as a strategist. Your reflective essay needs to demonstrate: 1) your understanding of strategic management in organisations; 2) an active engagement with both theory and your personal experience; and 3) how exposure to the strategic management theory has changed the way you think and act in the future.

Specifically we are interested in your understanding:

  1. How strategic management is undertaken by organisations.
    1. Why organisations need strategic management?
    2. What are the key tasks of strategic management? How these key tasks are related to each other?
    3. What are the key challenges of strategic management in the current environment?
  2. How the strategic management discipline can help you to understand your life experience in new ways. Have you found the strategic management discipline helpful in understanding your interactions with businesses?
  3. How you are able to take the strategic management discipline that you have learned in this semester and apply it to other contexts (organisations and or industries).
  4. How you anticipate using what you have learned in strategic management in the future. Do you see the strategic management discipline as a useful way to help you make better decisions in your life and career?

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