Substation system

You are an automation engineer at an X Power Enterprise Company, which owns several substations. Because of deregulation and the increased need for economy and reliability, the company intends to upgrade its old SCADA system. The present system in the substations has legacy RTU’s hardwired to meters and protection relays for analogue measurements and to breaker and switch status information.

The RTU communicates with the SCADA master (at the control center) using a propriety vendor protocol over a serial communication link.

Control room at master station has only HMI’s for visualizing measurements and status, but no EMS system. Corporate office (non-operational) engineers do not have access to the system.

Starting at the substation, explain your concept for modernizing the SCADA. Explain the logical steps to begin with, and then complete your system such that it becomes capable of automation, and is able to perform advanced EMS functions such as AGC, can provide both real-time operational data, and enterprise level non-operational data. Remember that no two SCADA systems are the same, so you have room to suggest any reasonable solution. Explain what you would use for substation equipment, for protocols, for communications, and for SCADA applications at the Master substation.

Draw a conceptual diagram of your complete systems and label it.

Keep your answer within two pages.

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