Supply and Delivery Manager Cover Letter and Resume

You can write any job.

Work individually to create a resume and cover letter for a job you could apply for upon graduation. Think about the kinds of jobs your education will prepare you for and then find a specific one for a specific organization and prepare paperwork to “introduce” yourself to a potential future employer.


  1. Do the following:
    1. Determine a type of job you will be able to do..
    2. Research resume and cover letter creation on the Internet using a search.
      • Find several sources.
      • Hint: Use Google and enter “resume” into the search box.
    3. Decide on an appropriate format for your resume.
    4. Use Microsoft Word to create an actual resume for yourself.
      • Assume you have just graduated since you are still in school now.
      • You may use a template if you wish.
    5. Use job search internet web sites to find an actual job posting you believe you could do.
      • Hint: Consider job search sites such as,, etc.
      • Newspaper web sites for local areas also may have listings.
    6. Write a cover letter In Microsoft Word to introduce yourself, state your interest in the job and note why you are a good candidate.
      • “Sell yourself”!
      • Use as much of the actual name and address information from the real job posting, though of course you will drop the file only to your instructor.
      • Insert your cover letter in the same file as your resume, before your resume (i.e. at the beginning of the file)
      • Include an envelope in the cover letter file.
      • Call your file firstnamelastnamejob
    7. Send the file into the gradebook.
  2. The following Grading Rubric will be used to evaluate your work. Use it to help maximize your score!



Resume has appropriate and complete information.


Resume is clearly organized


Resume is formatted in a professional manner


Cover letter is formatted in a professional manner


Cover letter has all required elements


Cover letter contains a good “sales pitch” for hiring


Spelling and grammar are correct throughout


Envelope included and correct




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