T. Answer 300words discussion question


Taking into account the range of the activities undertaken by the University, how might the University management take advantage of behavioural economics to improve operations (e.g. in service delivery, or student experience, or student performance)? What could they do that they aren’t doing now to achieve better outcomes?

[Note that you must discuss behavioural policy responses (e.g. nudges), not those tied to traditional policy levers (price, income) etc]


Please answer this by applying the knowledge of Loss Aversion

For this class Econ215, the marking rule is everyone has full marks of 100 at the beginning, and everyone will get mark deducted if they lose marks on each blog post or assignment. Our professor using this marking rule instead of the traditional marking rules which you gain marks for every assignment you have made.

Please analyze and answer the question from this point

All the work must be original

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